About Will

Will Gater headshotWill Gater is an astronomy journalist, author and presenter. His work has appeared in Sky at Night Magazine, Focus, New Scientist and Astronomy Now as well as Countryfile Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, National Trust Magazine and BBC Knowledge Magazine.

He is the author of several popular astronomy books – including The Cosmic Keyhole and The Night Sky Month by Month – and is the co-author of Dorling Kindersley’s The Practical Astronomer and Nature Guide: Stars and Planets.

Will is passionate about promoting and communicating astronomy to all. He has made numerous appearances on television and radio to talk about astronomy and space, including on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, The Sky at Night and BBC One’s The One Show. He has also worked behind the camera as the astronomy researcher on the BBC’s long-running stargazing series The Sky at Night. Today Will is the host of Slooh’s live online astronomy shows, which feature real-time broadcasts of major celestial events alongside expert commentary and interviews with prominent astronomers & scientists.

Will Gater with MIRI

Meeting the James Webb Space Telescope’s MIRI instrument

Will is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, member of the Association of British Science Writers and has a degree in astrophysics from University College London.

He began his career as a professional science writer in 2006 and went on to work as the news editor of Astronomy Now magazine. In 2008 he joined the BBC’s Sky at Night Magazine where he worked for five-and-a-half years before going freelance in 2013. Will’s writing has covered a wide variety of celestial subjects, from planetary science and cosmology to astrophysics and observational astronomy.

Will Gater observing in Kos

Imaging the transit of Venus from Kos, Greece

He has also written press and outreach materials for the European Space Agency’s Hubble Space Telescope press office and the European Southern Observatory and was the assistant editor of the first issue of the International Astronomical Union’s Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal.

Will is regularly invited to speak to societies and astronomy festivals across Europe and has been giving public lectures around the UK for over fifteen years.

Will is an experienced astrophotographer and observational astronomer. His pictures of the night sky have appeared in books, magazines and on television all over the world, and he has been on the judging panel for the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition since its launch in 2009. His favourite stargazing spot lies under the dark skies of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, the county where he grew up.

Visiting the ‘Leviathan of Parsonstown’ at Birr Castle in Ireland.

Will loves the outdoors and enjoys an adventure, to put it mildly. He frequently travels the globe in search of spectacular astronomical sights including eclipses, the Northern Lights and the occasional bright comet. In March 2015 he led a successful eclipse-chasing trip to the Faroe Islands to see the total solar eclipse. Will is also one of the guest astronomers on Omega Holidays’ popular aurora flights, which go in search of the Northern Lights from 36,000ft.

When not looking at the night sky, Will spends his spare time swimming, walking on the hills of Dartmoor and Somerset and fossil hunting on Dorset’s spectacular Jurassic Coast.

You can follow him on Twitter at @willgater.

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