The Story of a Shooting Star

The Story of a Shooting Star follows the journey of a tiny grain of space dust, tracing its origins all the way back to the birth of the Solar System before exploring its final fleeting moments blazing across the night sky as a meteor.


2014 update – A pause for a while
Due to other work commitments I’ve had to pause production of The Story of a Shooting Star. I’m hoping that when I have some free time I’ll be able to spend some time finishing the project.
03.06.2013 – Filming begins!
See here for some news, and pictures, about the first location shooting for the film.
23.03.2013 – Locations, locations, locations
Most of my work on the film over the last few months has involved seeking permission to film at certain locations as well as sourcing (and getting approval to use) footage from various space agencies. However I have also been able to get out and do some filming. Last week I managed to capture most of the timelapses for the first half of the film. It took three clear – and very cold – nights in Scotland to get them, but they’re done and in the video editor. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post more about the locations we’ll be filming at in the coming weeks. In the meantime here’s a still from one of the timelapses showing Orion sinking behind the western horizon.
Taurustimelapse26.01.2013 – A snowy start
After what has seemed like ages spent editing/tweaking the script under cloudy skies, I finally managed to make a start on the actual filming this weekend. The location was covered in about 10cm of snow which – along with the clear skies – made for a very picturesque, if cold, night. I captured two timelapses – one of which I’m really pleased with, the other I’m going to have to redo at some point. But it’s a start.
05.01.2013 – Webpage goes live
Check back soon for more updates about the film and behind-the-scenes pictures.