It’s back and it’s better than ever

No it’s not the return of Red Dwarf to our TV screens*, it’s the new Galaxy Zoo that has got the blogosphere (and indeed the TV) buzzing. To refresh your memory, Galaxy Zoo is the online citizen science project, headed by Dr Chris Lintott, that gives members of the public the chance to help do real science in classifying literally thousands of galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

This morning the GZ team launched the follow-up (Galaxy Zoo 2), which will study a quarter of a million galaxies to “search for the strange and unusual.” This evening I had a go at the new classifying routine and interface and quickly remembered how addictive the site is. So why not head on over and have a go — as the team say “even five minutes’ work will provide a valuable contribution.” And if you’re sceptical that this isn’t a real zoo (as it doesn’t appear to have any animals), well…you just have to look very carefully!

(*although that is very cool)

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