Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011 results night

Video courtesy of Sky at Night Magazine. Remember to select the 720p HD option.

Two weeks ago I, and the rest of the Sky at Night Magazine team, travelled to Greenwich for the 2011 Astronomy Photography of the Year awards night. You’ll no doubt have seen many of the winning images splashed across the pages of newspapers, websites and blogs over recent weeks.

This was arguably the most difficult year to judge so far, with an astounding array of superb images submitted from all over the world. Above is the video we made on the awards night, which includes an interview with the overall winner Damian Peach whose stunning image of Jupiter, Io and Ganymede you’ll see below. I’ve also embedded below an excellent video profile of Damian, which was made by Lonelyleap Film for the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

The overall winning image — Jupiter with two of its moons, Io & Ganymede. Credit: Damian Peach

Video courtesy of Royal Observatory, Greenwich/Lonelyleap.

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