Will Gater

Total lunar eclipse photos – 28 September 2015

The beginning of totality during the total lunar eclipse – 28 September 2015. Credit: Will Gater

On Monday morning the skies were clear over Somerset and we were treated to a beautiful total lunar eclipse. Totality was notably dark producing a much more dramatic drop in sky brightness than the one I remember from the 2007 total lunar eclipse. The purple/turquoise fringe of the umbral shadow (caused by stratospheric ozone absorption) seemed less pronounced however. Below are a few of my pics from the event. You’ll also find them over on my new astro image site willgaterastrophotography.com.

The full Moon rising on the night of the 27 September 2015. Credit: Will GaterThe perigee full Moon before the eclipse had begun. Credit: Will Gater

The umbral shadow of the Earth progressing across the disc of the Moon. Credit: Will Gater

Composite montage of the entire lunar eclipse from beginning (right) to end (left). Credit: Will Gater

The delicate purple edge of the umbral shadow shortly after totality had ended. Credit: Will Gater

Stars down to around 13th magnitude showing up behind the totally eclipsed Moon. Credit: Will Gater

A wide-field view of the totally eclipsed Moon. Credit: Will Gater

Montage showing the rough outline of the umbral shadow. Credit: Will Gater

The moment of greatest eclipse. Credit: Will Gater

The totally eclipsed Moon above thin cloud and a hedgerow. Credit: Will Gater