Bringing The Story of the Solar System to the stage

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed in recent months you’ll probably have already seen me mention that I’ll be performing my first live theatre show on 19th November, called The Story of the Solar System. I’ve had huge fun over the past year developing the show, the set design and props and am thrilled that it’ll get its first outing at the amazing Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre here in Somerset.

The show tells the incredible tale of our planetary neighbourhood through a mix of storytelling, live demos, spectacular space imagery and audience participation. During the show we’ll explore the many and varied worlds of the Solar System and look at a bit of the science behind our little corner of the Cosmos. We’ll descend to the surface of Saturn’s largest moon, whirl around a comet with the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft and, along the way, find out about some of the men and women who pioneered the study of the planets and other objects that orbit the Sun.

Huygens press shot_25cm300DPI copyOne of the ‘stars’ of the show, a 1:3-scale replica of the Huygens probe. Credit:

You can buy tickets for the show through the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre box office online or over the phone on 01823 414141.

And if you have friends, family or work colleagues who may be interested in a theatre show with a astronomical twist please spread the word with the buttons below.

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