Northern Lights flights

Will is one of the guest astronomers on Omega Holidays’ hugely popular Northern Lights flights, which go in search of the aurora borealis from the air.

Below you’ll find some of the pictures he has taken on these flights. Clicking on an image will open up a larger version of it.

For more information about the aurora flights and what they involve, and for details of how to book a place on one, please see the Omega Holidays website here.

Please note: all images on this page are copyrighted. If you were on the flight the photos were taken on, you are welcome to download any shots you like for your own personal, non-commercial use.


Northern Lights flight from Doncaster Airport – 19 February 2015

Northern Lights flight from Exeter Airport – 15 February 2015

IMG_7761 IMG_7797

Northern Lights flight from Bristol Airport – 25 February 2014

IMG_8987 IMG_8980

Northern Lights flight from Exeter Airport – 22 February 2014

IMG_8724 IMG_8722
IMG_8734 IMG_8635
IMG_8692 IMG_8674

Northern Lights flight from Exeter Airport – 30 November 2013

IMG_7390 IMG_7397
IMG_7471 Timelapse
IMG_7474 IMG_7463
IMG_7467 IMG_7538