Nature Guide: Stars and Planets – out now!

I’m very pleased to announce that a new astronomy handbook that I helped to write, Nature Guide: Stars and Planets, has just been published by Dorling Kindersley.

The book is a 352-page, lavishly illustrated, introduction to astronomy complete with equipment advice, star charts and in-depth guides to all of the constellations. You can see some sample pages from the book on DK’s website.

If you’d like to pick up a copy, the book is available from all good high-street bookshops as well as online via The Book Depository, Amazon etc.

The Night Sky Month by Month – out now!

I’m very pleased to announce that my new book The Night Sky Month by Month was published by Dorling Kindersley today.

The book is a month by month observational guide for both the northern and southern hemispheres. It includes details of which celestial objects to look out for each month, charts showing the positions of the planets, a detailed almanac and a guide to getting started in astronomy.

Over the last few days Dorling Kindersley has been tweeting tips on astronomical sights to look out for this week, so be sure to follow them on Twitter here. And, if you want a guide to what to see in the night skies throughout the year, you’ll find details of where to buy my book here.

Book jacket image courtesy Dorling Kindersley.

The Cosmic Keyhole at The Book Depository

I’m very pleased to say that my new book The Cosmic Keyhole is now on sale at the online book store The Book Depository. At the moment it’s available for a discounted price of just over £15 (a discount of over 40%) and you can get free delivery to the UK and many other countries too. If you want to find out a little more about the book and what it covers there’s a blurb for it on the books page.

Some new 2009 talk dates

I’m very pleased to report that as well as next month’s talk at the South West Astronomy Fair, I will now be giving two more talks this year. One is to the Cardiff Astronomical Society on Thursday 17th September and the other will be to the Torbay Astronomical Society on Thursday 15th October. The talks will be about my new book The Cosmic Keyhole and will cover some of the topics in it — ranging from extrasolar planets to the mysteries of Saturn’s largest moon. For further updates don’t forget to follow my Twitter feed.

Mars madness, Hubble and some book news

I’ve had several emails, in the last two weeks or so, asking when Mars is going to appear the size of the Full Moon this August. I was going to post something up about this, however it seems Phil has been asked about it too. So I’ll leave the Bad Astronomer himself to debunk it, but in short this is absolutely not true and will not happen. It’s an email/Internet hoax that has been going around the Internet for the last few years. Unfortunately it seems to rear its ugly head every August.

Mars’s mean distance from the Earth is about 225 million kilometres meaning that even through a powerful amateur telescope it will only appear as a disc showing (at best) the polar ice caps and a few dark surface markings. At the moment Mars is not well placed for viewing as it’s far too close to the Sun (as seen from Earth). As the Earth and Mars travel through their orbits around the Sun, the distance between the two planets changes dramatically. So some years Mars does come closer to us and telescopic views do show it much better at these times than others. Yet even at its closest (56 million km) it only appears with the naked eye as a bright ‘star’ with a ruddy tint, certainly nothing like the diameter of the Moon which is a mere 380,000 km from Earth.

Anyway on to much more sensible things – like a reminder of the talks I will be giving in the next few weeks! On the 2nd September I will be talking at the Wiltshire Astronomical Society, details are here. So if you are in the region come along and say hello. I will be giving my talk on the science behind Hubble’s greatest images entitled “Not just pretty pictures”. Then on Saturday 6th September I will be giving a lecture (starting at 2:45 pm) at the 2008 Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival, again with the my talk on the science in Hubble’s images. You can find out about the festival here as well as information on the main Saturday lectures here.

Finally then a bit of random book news. Yesterday I finished editing the manuscript and tomorrow will be sending off my final draft of the book to the publisher’s in New York. It’s quite exciting for me, as the next time I see it it will probably be in the form of the galley proofs. Lastly (I mean it this time) If you’re in the shops this week the new issue of Sky At Night magazine is out. You can read my cover feature on “The Next Supernova”, to see which Milky Way star astronomers think might be next to go supernova.

All done!

For the last week or so I have been editing the first full draft of the manuscript for my book. I finished writing about ten days ago but didn’t post anything, partly due to tiredness/forgetting and partly due to the deadline that is fast approaching! However from the picture on the left you can see that I am just over halfway through the proofing/editing stage.

I was prompted to post to say I had finished by Keith Mansfield (thanks Keith!) who is author of Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London (and tipped as the next J.K Rowling). Keith also has a very nice blog here, including posts on astronomy and space. So all being well, by around this time next year it will be the published book sitting on my desk and not my scribbled-on draft!

Book news (Part II)

Today I began work on the final chapter of the book. It’ll probably take about 4 weeks of writing to complete as I’ve also got to write the captions for the images too – but the point is that I am nearly finished! The chapter I’m currently working on isn’t actually the last chapter, it’s an earlier one. It’s also one of my favourite subjects so that should make this last bit quite fun to write. I’ll keep the blog updated with how it’s going but if I don’t post for a while you’ll know what I’m doing!

Book news (part I)

I achieved a milestone today in that I have finally got all the necessary image permissions for my book. The images are really cool and I can’t wait to submit my manuscript later in the year. Now I just have to finish the text…so it’s back to the word processor for me! In the mean time check out this incredible new image from Hubble and if you want to find out more about what’s going on in the image download the Hubblecast!