Chigwell School

Opening the new Chigwell School observatory & science labs

Last Friday I had the tremendous privilege of opening a new observatory and two new science laboratories at Chigwell School in Essex. The telescope housed within the observatory dome is an 8-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain on a German equatorial mount.

It was wonderful to meet such an engaged and enthusiastic group of students, teachers and staff during my visit, and I’m sure that the school has an exciting astronomical future ahead of it. Many thanks to Steve Davis from Chigwell School for the pictures of the day posted below.

5 Preparing to cut the ribbon. Credit: Steve Davis/Chigwell School

unveiling Officially opening the new science wing of the school. Credit: Steve Davis/Chigwell School

Lab 3 One of the new science labs at the school. Credit: Steve Davis/Chigwell School

lectureGiving a talk about the Mars Science Laboratory mission. Credit: Steve Davis/Chigwell School