NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter

An artist’s impression of the Juno spacecraft at Jupiter. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Thanks to a tweet from the Guardian’s science correspondent Ian Sample I’ve been exploring this superb, Flash based, website covering NASA’s Juno mission.

After clicking on the ‘begin journey’ tab the site takes you through a series of narrated full screen videos that set the scene for the mission and explain some of key scientific objectives; between each video there’s an excellent interactive page, with further images and videos, allowing you to find out more about each topic. For example, here’s a page that covers the rocket that will launch Juno, while this one focuses on Jupiter’s atmosphere.

As well as the great graphics & engaging narration I particularly liked the ‘cluster’ of stars at the end of the presentation, each one representing an astronomical question.

As for the probe itself, it’s scheduled to be launched on an Atlas V rocket tomorrow (5 August). You’ll be able to watch the lift-off live, and in HD, on the NASA TV page here.