The Perseids pack a punch thanks to clear skies

The skies were mostly clear in southern England for the peak of the Perseid meteor shower last night. Here are a few pictures that I captured of the display from the countryside to the east of Bristol.

Perseid fireball_12-13 08 2013webA brilliant Perseid fireball streaks across the sky. Credit: Will Gater

fireball_animation_smallThe same fireball image as above animated together with the previous and following frame to show the presence of a ‘persistent train’. Credit: Will Gater

Perseid 12-13 08 2013webA faint Perseid (top right), the Andromeda Galaxy and Double Cluster. Credit: Will Gater

Perseid fireball_dew_12-13 08 2013webA spectacular Perseid fireball captured with a lens covered in dew! Credit: Will Gater

Perseid_12-13 08 2013_croppedA Perseid meteor falls through the constellations of Pegasus & Aquarius. Credit: Will Gater

Sporadic meteor 13082013Not a Perseid! A short sporadic meteor points the way (sort of) to M31. Credit: Will Gater

The Story of a Shooting Star – filming begins!

Over the last 12 months I’ve been working, in my spare time, on a short film about meteors. Called The Story of a Shooting Star it “follows the journey of a tiny grain of space dust, tracing its origins all the way back to the birth of the Solar System before exploring its final fleeting moments blazing across the night sky as a meteor”. Having spent a while scriptwriting and researching I recently started filming for the project.

In May I spent a fascinating day at the Norman Lockyer Observatory, in Devon, with the Solar, Planetary & Meteor group there learning about radio meteor detection. And this past weekend I filmed in the stunning surroundings of Dartmoor National Park. I’ll be posting occasional updates on the film (and hopefully some short clips too) here, but for now here are some pictures from the first few days of location shooting.

The Norman Lockyer Observatory on day one of filming. Credit: Will Gater

It might not look like much, but this antenna can detect meteors. Credit: Will Gater

Ping! A meteor is detected vaporizing high up in our atmosphere. Credit: Will Gater

Twilight on Dartmoor, a truly stunning sight. Credit: Will Gater

Some serious peering going on in this shot. Credit: Will Gater