southern england

Northern Lights over the UK — 27 February 2014

Last night, following a coronal mass ejection impact, the auroral oval shifted south enough for the Northern Lights to be visible from southern England. Having watched the POES plot get angrier and angrier during the course of the early evening and with the IMF stubbornly south, I decided to jump in my car and drive out of Bristol.

I headed a little way east, to avoid an oncoming cloud front, and found a place to park just northeast of the Bath junction of the M4. As I got out of the car it was clear there was a diffuse glow hugging the northern horizon and every now and then I saw a faint ray appear above it and then dissolve away. No colour was visible to the naked eye though. Thinking (and hoping!) this might be an aurora, and not a trick of the distant light pollution, I set up my DSLR camera and opened the shutter for 20 seconds.

The following images are what I recorded over about ten minutes, after which the sky hazed up considerably and I decided to go home.

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