New article – “Light Revolution” – in Sky at Night Magazine

lightrevolutionopenerOpener image for my latest piece in Sky at Night Magazine. Credit: Sky at Night Magazine

I have a new feature in the latest issue of Sky at Night Magazine all about light pollution and what the future might hold for our view of the night sky. Specifically, the piece explores recent changes in lighting practices and the rise of LED street lighting technology. You’ll find the article, called ‘Light revolution’, on pages 40-46 of the April issue, which is on sale now.

ESA Hubble

In the next few weeks I will be flying out to Munich, Germany where I am going to spend three months working for the European Space Agency’s Hubble Space Telescope Centre. I am looking forward to this trip immensely and I shall be keeping you all updated regularly on http://www.willgater.com . For now though why not explore the HST site and see those images which have inspired a new generation of astronomers (including myself) here.