The Mysteries of the Universe

Here’s where you’ll find information about my first children’s book The Mysteries of the Universe.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021: Huge, heartfelt, thanks to everyone who has bought/reviewed/loaned/told their friends about The Mysteries of the Universe since it was published. The book has just reached the number one spot on’s list of best-selling children’s astronomy titles. It really means a lot to me to hear that people of all ages, around the world, are enjoying and engaging with the stories in the book.

The Mysteries of the Universe is a guide to some of the most extraordinary places, objects and sights in the Cosmos – from the amazing worlds of our Solar System, to distant galaxies and glowing nebulae and almost everything in between.

Each page is richly illustrated with spectacular space images and stunning artwork – by Angela Rizza & Daniel Long – that brings to life the story of each object.

As you turn through the pages you’ll learn about some of the biggest questions scientists have about the Universe. Does Venus have active volcanoes? Is there life on Mars? How did the planets form? What gives some galaxies their beautiful shapes? What happens to stars when they die?  

The Mysteries of the Universe is also right up-to-date with the latest astronomical information and discoveries; you’ll see how a spacecraft exploring the outer reaches of our planetary neighbourhood has been examining relics from the Solar System’s birth, and even learn about the remarkable recent discoveries of a comet and an asteroid visiting us from other star systems!


“Visually stunning, with a fabulous selection of space photos, artworks and illustrations…While easy to dip into, this book does not skimp on science or detail; difficult ideas are delivered in a form that young readers will understand.” – BBC Sky at Night Magazine


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🇮🇹 “Universo misterioso” ora disponibile in italiano.

🇨🇳 现在也有中文版了

🇪🇸 “Misterios del universo

Teraz dostupné v slovenčine ako “Vesmír a jeho záhady“.

🇭🇺 Magyar nyelven elérhető től:

🇩🇪 Deutsche übersetzung (“Wundervolle Welt der Sterne”) kommt am 28.09.2021.

🇫🇷 Maintenant disponible en français sous “L’anthologie illustrée de l’univers mystérieux“.

🇳🇱 Nu verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands: “Het dikke boek van ons bijzondere heelal“.

🇺🇸 US edition: “The Mysteries of the Universe“.

🇨🇦 Disponible au Canada en français sous le titre “Anthologie illustrée de l’Univers“.