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will-gater-speaking-web-picOn this page you’ll find details of where Will is appearing next, including information on upcoming public talks, live shows & book signings. This is also the place to find details of any astronomy trips Will is involved with.

Will has been giving astronomy talks to societies, star parties and science festivals across the UK and Europe for over fifteen years. In that time his talks have touched on a wide variety of celestial subjects, from solar eclipses and space telescopes to the Northern Lights and the search for planets orbiting distant stars. In 2016 he also performed his first live theatre show The Story of the Solar System.

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Talks & other appearances

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European Astrofest 2017 Dynamic Skies – the story of our changing Cosmos & a new revolution in astronomy – 10-11 February 2017, Kensington Conference and Events Centre, London. [More details]

Wycombe Astronomical Society Alien worlds – the extraordinary inhabitants of the Milky Way – 19 April 2017. [More details]

Cotswold Astronomical SocietySecrets of celestial light – 8 July 2017. [More details]

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Shadow Fall – the mechanics, mystery & magic of nature’s greatest celestial show

**New talk for summer 2017**








The science and spectacle of the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights have captivated humans for centuries, inspiring countless folklore legends with their shifting, glowing forms and otherworldly behaviour. Yet the story of what actually happens to generate this stunning celestial show is every bit as extraordinary as those great mythic tales. In this talk Will reveals the science behind the magic of the aurora, from the Sun and the violent events that rock its surface to the interplay between our star and the Earth’s magnetic field. He’ll explore the physics of what’s happening in Earth’s upper atmosphere to create this ethereal glow and the colourful, swirling curtains of light as well as show you how you can see them for yourself.



Dynamic Skies – the story of our changing Cosmos & a new revolution in astronomy

Across our human lifetimes the night sky can often feel like something of a constant. Familiar stars come and go with the seasons, but their arrangement within the vast tableau of the firmament never varies. Nebulae appear today just as they were decades ago and the galaxies that we marvel at through our telescopes seem frozen within a static, obsidian, void. Yet the heavens are anything but still. We live in a whirl of celestial activity alive with the movement of billions of stars and swirling gas clouds, while all throughout the Universe countless different inhabitants perform varied and complex gravitational dances. In this talk Will explores the remarkable story of this cosmic drama and delves into the thrilling new revolution that has both amateur and professional astronomers working together to monitor and understand our dynamic skies.


Secrets of celestial light

The story of astronomy is the story of our fascination with the light that streams from every corner of the cosmos. This ancient radiation holds clues to how the Universe works, what it’s made of and how it was born. In this wide-ranging talk, Will explores the physics of celestial light and how we came to realise that, when it comes to the starry night sky, there’s far more than meets the eye.





Alien worlds: the extraordinary inhabitants of the Milky Way

Since the discovery of the first handful of planets around other stars, roughly twenty years ago, we’ve come to realise that our Galaxy is probably teeming with billions of other worlds. Some bear a resemblance to planets in our own Solar System, but a great many are far more bizarre and far more intriguing than scientists ever dared to imagine. In this talk, Will examines the incredible story of how astronomers found these alien planets, what we now know about them and what the future may hold for the hunt for a planet just like the Earth.