Media appearances

I’ve appeared as a guest on BBC News, Sky News, the BBC World Service, Channel Five’s The Gadget Show, the BBC’s The One Show as well as the BBC’s flagship astronomy programme The Sky At Night.

As a presenter, I’ve hosted numerous live streams for the US educational project Slooh featuring real-time broadcasts of celestial events – such as eclipses, asteroid encounters & comets – alongside interviews with professional scientists, astronomers & astronauts. I also anchored Slooh’s live coverage of significant space mission milestones, such as the arrival of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft at Ceres.

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Here are a few clips from some of my appearances on television.

BBC News channel interview about the meteor fireball over the UK on 28 February 2021, along with the NHM’s Dr Ashley King.

Live BBC News channel interview on the total lunar eclipse on 27 July 2018

Interview with Sky News about a discovery of possible exo-asteroid debris on a white dwarf star.