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Will appears regularly on television and radio to talk about astronomy and space. He has appeared as a guest and expert interviewee on BBC News, Sky News, the BBC World Service, Channel Five’s The Gadget Show, the BBC’s The One Show as well as the UK’s flagship astronomy programme The Sky At Night. He has also hosted live, online astronomy shows for

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Presenting work

Will has hosted live astronomy shows for featuring real-time broadcasts of celestial phenomena – such as eclipses, asteroid encounters & bright comets – alongside interviews with professional scientists and astronomers. In his role as host, Will also anchored Slooh’s live coverage of significant space mission milestones, such as the arrival of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft at Ceres.

Previous television appearances

The Sky at Night

Will has appeared as a guest several times on the BBC’s long-running programme The Sky at Night, talking about all sorts of astronomical subjects — from observing galaxies and star clusters to chasing a solar eclipse. Episodes Will has appeared in include: Turkish Delight, Glorious Galaxies and Autumn Sky.

The Gadget Show

In May 2010 Will appeared on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show to help presenter Jon Bentley examine three different kinds of amateur telescope. Will returned to the show in April 2014 for a short piece looking at some of the latest stargazing apps and astronomy hardware.

The One Show

Will first appeared on The One Show, the BBC’s live prime time magazine programme, in 2012. His role, in a special film about astrophotography, was to show presenter Jamie Crawford how to capture basic shots of the night sky with just a DSLR camera and a photographic tripod.

In February 2013 Will made his second appearance on The One Show, this time in a series of short, live segments filmed from inside the Brecon Beacons National Park. During the programme Will helped twenty local photographers take their first pictures of the night sky and also judged the best picture, which was then published in Sky at Night Magazine.

National and regional news

Will is often asked to appear on national and regional television news programmes to talk about the latest events and news stories in astronomy and space. You can watch some clips of some of Will’s news appearances below.

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Here are a few clips of Will’s appearances on television/radio and his presenting to camera.